You're a Speaker, an Author and/or a Coach.

You Know Your Content is Priceless.

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Angelic is a cum laude UCLA graduate with a BA in Mass Communications. After a successful career in corporate America, working for companies such as Fox and Disney, she decided to venture out on her own.

Angelic is now a financial freedom mentor and helps successful thought leaders, speakers, authors and coaches increase their revenue opportunities and transform their content into a passive income stream.

You're a content expert. You've shared your wisdom prolifically – life lessons, stories, and knowledge you have honed over the years. You're showing up day after day, hour by hour, trying to market yourself and your expertise. Now you need to reap the benefits of all your work and monetize your genius using it to create a passive income.

I have worked with many subject matter experts who rely on their physical presence to earn cash flow. They must be at the events, make themselves available to train in corporations, and book their coaching sessions by the hour.

If you are unavailable to show up, it will result in lost income, which no one can afford.

It also results in massive frustration, and understandably so. Here are some of the frustrations I encounter with my clients. If you relate to these, it's time to investigate how you can alter your business model.

Frustration #1:

Your business relies on you to show up

You have to be on stage. You're the one in Zoom sessions or doing physical boardroom coaching. You're out there marketing your book and writing content for social media platforms so that you maintain visibility.

You're the face and voice of your business.

Scaling when you're the magic in the business isn't easy, but in the years of work I've done with speakers, authors, coaches and other thought leaders, I know that the way to grow your business is to earn money without having to be physically present. This happens by turning the content you've worked so hard to create into a passive income that people can purchase, even while you sleep.

Frustration #2:

You are doing all the right things, but your bank balance doesn’t reflect it

You have the content, and you know it's good. You've researched your niche and created keynote addresses ready for the stage. You've written myriads of blog posts and articles for publications, and you may even have a book published with all of the nuggets you've gleaned over the years filling the pages.

Publishing a book can be the crowning achievement of a lifetime of hard work and dedication. Distributing the book is hard work and costs money and time to reach the right audiences. Your blog posts, videos, and social media content are so good but only sometimes get the traction you think they should.

Your expertise is your gold mine, and turning it into a product that generates an income without you needing to be physically present will be a game-changer for you to generate income.

Frustration #3:

You're not booked as consistently as you’d like to be

It takes expensive marketing tactics to sustain a client base, and a consistent stream of new and repeat clients is crucial to the success of your business. You are constantly working hard to bring in new clients and be visible and available. It’s a hustle having to always to put yourself out there trying to generate new clientele. You work so hard at it, but you need to work smarter.

When trading time for money, your income will always be limited. It doesn’t have to be that way.

There are powerful tools available to you that can turn your business model on its head (in a good way!). Working with a mentor specializing in income generation for thought leaders and who understands the power of automation to scale your business is essential if you want to stand out from the masses of influencers out there. You need to streamline your processes, reduce your manual labor and free up your time to focus on other areas of your life, while you get noticed with little effort.


Frustration #4:

You’re not tech savvy; this skill is not in your wheelhouse!

You feel confused by all the jargon: landing pages, marketing funnels, and lead magnets. Everyone has an opinion on how to market a business online. Many entrepreneurs and small business owners struggle with the same feelings, as knowing what works for your business can be difficult.

It feels so frustrating and complicated!

You just want to stay in your lane, deliver your amazing content and find the proper support to crack the code on what will work for your zone of genius.

The key to success is finding the right combination of strategies and tools that will work uniquely for you while staying true to your goals and values as you reach them. Don't try and do it all yourself, it's a better use of your time reaching out asking for help from experienced professionals.

Frustration #5:

You’re skeptical because you’ve been burned before

The concept of generating passive income remains elusive. It’s not like you haven't tried. You've invested in many online digital providers for limited return on investment and feel hesitant to reinvest. It’s understandable, and I hear you.

Many have been burned struggling with making money while they sleep, and you may have encountered a few bumps and bruises along the way, BUT don't let that stop you from pursuing your dreams.

So many people out there need your knowledge and expertise and are waiting.

Don't let them down.

The only thing missing is that you have not found the right support, until now.

Monetize Your Genius proprietary teachings are proven systems that automate and monetize your value, knowledge, ideas and strengths in exchange for the most valuable ROI: TIME FREEDOM! This means more time with your kids and spouse, pursuing your passions, and building something that could impact the world.

If you feel ready to end your frustrations, monetize your genius and generate the income you desire, you have found the right place!

Are you ready to turn your genius into a passive income?